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Revolut Australia x Tinder Promotion

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Revolut x Tinder Promotion (the “Promotion”), offered by Revolut Payments Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 21 634 823 180) (“RPA”, “Revolut”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and Match Group, LLC (trading as “Tinder”). 

The terms and conditions of the Promotion are set out below. These terms and conditions apply in addition to the other terms and conditions that apply to you as a customer of RPA, including the Personal Terms and Fees and Charges Section.

Promotion Period

The Promotion starts on 16 June 2022 12:00am GMT (10am AEST) and ends on 2 September 2022 11:59pm GMT (3 September 9:59am AEST) (the “Promotion Period”). 

What is the Promotion?

The Promotion is an opportunity for new and existing Tinder users to open a Revolut account and receive:

  • a 3 month subscription to Tinder Gold at no cost (the “Tinder Subscription Offer”); and
  • a one time cash top-up to your new Revolut account of $30 (the “Top-Up Offer”).

Who is eligible to participate in the Promotion?

In order to participate in the Promotion you must be an Eligible Customer. An “Eligible Customer” is defined as a customer that, during the Promotion Period, has completed the following steps:

  • click the Revolut unique link available in the Tinder in-app banner or on Tinder social media platforms,
  • enter your telephone number on the Revolut landing page,
  • follow the instructions to download the Revolut app and set up a Revolut account,
  • successfully pass our ‘Know Your Customer’ checks and be onboarded as a new Revolut customer, and
  • make a card payment transaction over $1 using your Revolut card within 7 days of opening the new Revolut account. 

For the avoidance of doubt, a card payment means you use your Revolut physical or virtual card to purchase goods and/or services from a third-party merchant by entering the details of your Revolut physical or virtual card into their payment processing system. Transfers of funds within the Revolut app, or the purchase of cryptocurrencies or commodities within the Revolut app, do not qualify as card payments.

This Promotion is not available to active Tinder Gold subscribers or people that have previously held a Revolut account or had an account become suspended or restricted.

How do I claim my Tinder Subscription Offer?

In order to claim the Tinder Subscription Offer the following steps must be taken:

  • upon meeting the eligibility requirements, an Eligible Customer will receive a unique Tinder link by email that will redirect you to,
  • you will need to follow the instructions to create a new Tinder account or log in to an existing account; and
  • the Tinder Subscription Offer will be automatically added to your Tinder account.

Please note that it may take up to 10 business days for you to receive the email with the unique Tinder link. The unique Tinder link will be valid for redemption for 60 days from receipt of the email and may be redeemed outside of the Promotion Period.

On the expiry of your Tinder Subscription Offer, your Tinder Gold account will be automatically closed. If you wish to continue using your Tinder Gold account, you will need to re-subscribe to Tinder Gold and pay the relevant subscription charges.

Tinder terms and conditions will apply to your Tinder account and can be found here.

When do I receive my Top-Up Offer?

If an Eligible Customer completes a physical or virtual card transaction payment within 7 days of opening a new Revolut account, an amount of $30 will be automatically credited to the new Revolut account within 7 days of the card transaction payment being made.

What else should I know?

RPA reserves the right to change, modify and/or supplement these Terms and Conditions, and to modify, cancel or suspend the Promotion at its sole discretion at any time. If we exercise this right we will try to give you advance notice on our website. Please contact Revolut Support if you believe you qualify for a particular benefit in relation to the promotion that has not been awarded to you.

Events beyond the control of RPA may occur that render the awarding of the Top-Up Offer impossible. Accordingly, RPA will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control.

RPA reserves the right to reverse any Top Up Offer received during the Promotion Period if the Top Up Offer is earned fraudulently or there is a breach of the Revolut Personal Terms or these Promotion Terms.

If you close your Revolut account or your account becomes suspended or restricted before you receive any top-up amount under this Promotion, then you will no longer be entitled to receive the Top-Up Offer and it will not be paid to you.

If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse of this Promotion (such as for example attempting to obtain an unfair advantage through deception) we may in our sole discretion take any actions we see fit in the circumstances.

Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms can be dealt with by the Courts of the State of Victoria.