Airport Lounges

The Airport Lounge Terms were updated on 31 July 2023 and apply to all new Premium and Metal users who opened their Revolut Account on or after 31 July 2023.

If you are a Premium or Metal user who opened your Revolut Account before 31 July 2023, the previous version of the terms (click here) will apply to you until 7 August 2023.

1. Why is this information important?

This document sets out the terms and conditions (the "Terms”) for the Airport Lounge Pass feature (the “Lounge Pass” feature).

These Terms apply in addition to any other terms and conditions that apply to you as a customer of Revolut, including the Personal Terms, the Fees and Charges Section, and the Premium and Metal Terms.

Lounge Passes are provided by DragonPass International Limited (“DragonPass”).

2. Who can purchase and use Lounge Passes?

Premium and Metal users will be able to use the Revolut app to search for and access lounges in selected airports and purchase Lounge Passes.

A single Lounge Pass is valid for one visit for one person, and is valid as long as your Revolut account remains open. You can buy multiple Lounge Passes for yourself and for your guests.

Lounge Passes can be purchased either in advance of a trip or at the time you want to enter the lounge. We may limit the number of passes you can purchase in advance.

Lounge Passes purchased through the Revolut app are supplied by DragonPass at the price displayed within the Revolut app on the day of purchase.

The price of Lounge Passes available through the Revolut app may change from time to time, however we will tell you the price before you purchase a Lounge Pass.

When purchasing a Lounge Pass, you will be asked to input the name of the person who will use each Lounge Pass. Once you purchase a Lounge Pass, you will no longer be able to change this name.

Lounge Passes are not transferable. When you attempt to enter any lounge for which you have purchased a Lounge Pass, you will be asked to show proof of identification (i.e. Passport) along with a valid same-day boarding pass in the name of the person on the Lounge Pass.

You may not access more than one individual Lounge within a two-hour period.

3. What happens if I cancel or downgrade my Revolut plan?

Your plan may entitle you to discounted Lounge Passes. If you downgrade your plan within 14 days of becoming a Premium or Metal user, you will have to pay any difference in price between your old and your new plan for any discounted Lounge Passes you have purchased and or used.

If you downgrade your plan, any discounted Lounge Passes you have purchased but have not used, will be automatically transferred to your new Revolut account.

4. Can I get a refund for unused Lounge Passes?

You can request a refund for any unused Lounge Pass within 14 days of the date of purchase. This can be done via our in-app chat function.

We will issue a refund providing you have not breached the terms associated with your use of our products and services, or the terms or conditions of use provided by either DragonPass or a lounge owner or provider.

5. Is Revolut responsible if something goes wrong with my Lounge Pass?

Your ability to purchase a Lounge Pass is subject to the availability of each airport lounge. You will be notified prior to making payment if your selected airport lounge is not available.

You have rights under the Consumer Guarantees under Australian Consumer Law. Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits these rights. To the full extent permitted by law, all services supplied by us are at your risk and our liability is limited to liability under the Australian Consumer Law Consumer Guarantees.

In particular, we are not responsible or liable in respect of any services provided by DragonPass or the owner/operator of an airport lounge.

6. Can Revolut suspend my Lounge Pass?

We can suspend your access to Lounge Passes if we suspect any fraudulent or abusive behaviour.

We will notify you immediately of the reason for suspending your access and we will only resume your access once you have satisfied us your activity is not fraudulent or abusive.

7. Some other legal bits and pieces

DragonPass’s Terms of Use

Lounge Passes are provided in partnership with DragonPass. When you purchase and use a Lounge Pass, you are subject to DragonPass’s terms of use as well as the conditions of use of each individual lounge. DragonPass's terms are shown in the Revolut app.

Complaints and Disputes

If you’d just like to speak to someone about an issue that’s concerning you, please contact us through the Revolut app.

If you prefer you can make your complaint using this form. Or you can email us at [email protected].

You’ll need to tell us:

  • your name;
  • the phone number and email address associated with your account;
  • when the problem arose; and
  • how you’d like us to put the matter right.

To the extent permitted by law, Revolut is not liable for any disputes or claims that may occur between you and DragonPass.

Applicable Law

The laws of the State of Victoria, Australia apply to this agreement.