FREENOW drivers! Get up to 1.5% cashback on your Revolut Pro card spend

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It’s time to go Pro

Simple and convenient tools made for freelancers, contractors, side-hustlers, sole traders, and more – all in your Revolut app!

Earn up to 1.5% cashback* on card spend

Get rewarded with up to 1.5% cashback on all Pro debit card purchases, whether you’re topping up your gas tank, paying for car maintenance, or keeping yourself fed and watered while working throughout the day. T&Cs Apply.

Everything your ride sharing business needs

From ingoings and outgoings to expenses and invoices, keep your freelance bank account a tap away from your everyday current account. T&Cs Apply.

Enjoy even more benefits with Revolut

Save on international money transfers

Join 28+ million customers saving on global transfers with Revolut. Send international transfers in 29 currencies with competitive exchange rates today! Sending to other Revolut customers regardless of the country? It’s free.

Manage all your accounts in one place

Connect all your external bank accounts to Revolut and enjoy full visibility as you organise your money in one place.

How to redeem your offer:

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    Type your number in the box above

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    Sign up to Revolut, then Revolut Pro

    Go to your Pro pinned section within the app and set up your Pro account T&Cs Apply.
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    Earn up to 1.5% cashback on card spend

    Get rewarded with up to 1.5%* cashback on all Pro debit card purchases T&Cs Apply.
*Cashback Pricing Yearly card spend 0-11.500€: 0.8% for Metal | 0.6% for Premium | 0.4% for Standard and Plus | Yearly card spend from 11.500-17.000€: 1.5% | Yearly card spend from 17.000€+: 1% For example: If you spend 20,000€ in business related expenses during the first 12 months since you activated the offer, you will receive a total of 204.5€ in cashback. (Calculations: 11,500*0.8% + 5,500*1.5% + 3,000*1% = 92 + 82.5 + 30 = 204.5€) Offer available in UK and EEA through the 27th of June 2025 (excl LU and LI) T&Cs Apply