Split and settle bills together, stress-free

Group Bills make it simple to track, split and settle multiple expenses between friends and family. Do it all in one centralised place, instantly
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Don’t just take our word for it

Share expenses in one place

Share expenses in one place

  • Stay on top of it all, from sharing household expenses to paying for trips with friends
  • Add your bills and track them all in the app
Settle up instantly

Settle up instantly

  • Once your bills are in the Group, tell us the split and we’ll do the maths
  • When you’re ready, settle up with a tap. Pay back instantly if your friends are on Revolut
No more awkward conversations

No more awkward conversations

  • No need to have awkward conversations when it’s time to settle up. Just make a request and we’ll do the rest
  • We’ll send a notification letting them know it’s time to pay up

Do even more with Group Bills

Split with precision

Decide exactly how much of a bill each member of the group needs to pay back.

Add any type of bill

Whether you’ve paid with cash, or a card from elsewhere, you can add all your bills to your Group to track, split, and settle in one place.

Common questions

How do I create a Group?

There are two ways to create a group:
Head to the Payments tab and then the ‘Group Bills’ section;
Select a first transaction you’d like to share with a group (either on your Home tab or Payments tab), choose ‘Split bill’ and then ‘Create a group.

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Who can be part of a Group?

Right now, you can only start a Group with other Revolut users. (But don’t forget, anyone can join Revolut for free!)
We want to make it easy for everyone to use this great feature, so creating a Group with friends who don’t have Revolut is coming soon

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How do I manage a Group?

Tap the Settings button to go to the Group management page. From here, you can add new members, change your group name, edit your picture, or leave the group.
You won’t be able to remove members from a group or delete a group just yet, but we’re working on bringing you this feature.

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