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Join hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers using Revolut Business to increase productivity and simplify their clients' lives.
Our Accountants and Bookkeepers Partnership Programme members earn exclusive rewards for themselves and their clients.
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Hundreds of leading accountants partner with Revolut Business

Tailored end-to-end solution for accountants

Keep all your work in one place

Access all your clients’ accounts with a single login, to finally organise all of your work and save your sanity on work throughout the year

Make accounting painless

Get advantage of out-of-the-box expense management solution that covers the whole flow: from adding client expenses to reporting in the accounting tool

Save time for what's important

Think automated payments and seamless integrations with Xero and FreeAgent, designed to help you create more efficient workflows

Serve clients like never before

Set up client accounts in minutes and help them get started with a dedicated partnership manager. We’re always on-hand to help when you need us

Designed specifically for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Multi-account login

Access all of your clients' accounts with a single login. Simplify your workflow and make yourself more efficient

End-to-end expense management

Forget about paper receipts. Your clients snap their receipts and their expenses are automatically fed into their accounting software

Payment approvals

Work with your clients to determine who can instruct payments and who can approve them

Automated payments

Banish the grind and save time with scheduled and recurrent payments. No more forgotten or manual repetitive transactions

Roles and permissions

Allow your clients to define exactly what access to their accounts you can have. Allow them to make changes at any time

Bulk payments

Make bulk invoice and payroll payments domestically and internationally in a couple of clicks

With the Revolut partner programme we have saved our clients time and money.

The extensive functionality of the Revolut Business account has allowed our clients (regardless of their size) to manage their finances more efficiently. The exclusive partner programme benefits have, in addition, helped strengthen the relationship between our firm and our clients.
Nathan Keeley, Partner MHA Carpenter Box

Frequently asked questions

Who can become a partner?
This partner programme is designed specifically for accounting firms and bookkeepers. However, we may, on a case-by-case basis, be able to accept certain other types of companies, such as company formation agents, advisors, and tax consultants.
How can I become a partner?
Becoming a partner is simple:
1) Sign-up and fill the partnership form here
2) Open a Revolut Business Account
3) Start referring your clients
Can I open an account on behalf of my client?
Yes, as long as you provide us with a letter of permission from your client. You will need to upload a letter stating ‘I, [Client Name], give [Accountant name] permission to open and manage a Revolut Business account on my behalf’ signed and dated by a director or shareholder of the client’s company.
Note that your name will be listed under the ‘applicant’ section and it will be clear that you are not an owner/director of the business. You can provide your clients with owner access once the account has been opened, transferring the control over the account.
How much do your business accounts cost?
We’re pleased to offer a flexible, subscription-based pricing structure, including a free plan. Clients can choose to level up or down as they please - you can find out more here.
Can I use Revolut Business information and logo on my website?
Yes. Once you become a partner, we will send you a special ‘Partner Badge’ and a Revolut logo. You’ll also receive partner materials to help you spread the word to your clients.
If you would like to share our assets via your social media, please send us an email, so that we evaluate your case and provide specific permission.
How will I receive my benefits?
We will contact you via email requesting your details once you are able to collect your rewards. Generally, our partners and clients receive their benefits once every 3-4 months.

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