Accept payments online at great rates

Receive card payments from around the world with low fees and next-day settlement

Keep more of what you earn

Get paid at a lower cost to you with our competitive pricing model

Do business like a local

Accept payments in 14 currencies straight into your account

Access your funds quickly

Payments are settled the next day – no more delayed payout schedules

Keep more of what you earn

  • Our competitive pricing model offers low fees on accepting consumer cards, so you can get paid at a lower cost to you
  • Get an allowance of free UK and EEA consumer card payment acceptances every month, depending on your selected Revolut Business plan
  • Lower your costs and invest more in the growth of your business. We charge a 1.3% fee for UK and EEA consumer card payments, and a 2.8% fee for all other card payments
Compare the processing fees
per transaction
Revolut Business
Get a zero-fee monthly allowance on paid plans
Get a zero-fee monthly allowance on paid plans
0% + €0
Fees applied after allowance
Fees applied after allowance
1.3% + €0
1.4% + €0.25
1.9% + €0.30
1.8% + €0.25
Fees as stated for a user in the Austria on 27th October, 2020 on Stripe’s website for an "INTEGRATED" plan, Braintree's website for a "Standard pricing" plan and Mollie's website for a "Merchants" plan.

Do business like a local

  • Accept payments in 14 currencies straight into your account
  • Keep settled funds in the same currency, or convert them into a currency of your choice at the interbank rate and save on foreign exchange

Access your funds quickly

  • Accept payments directly to your Revolut Business account, with seamless next-day settlement and no delayed payout schedules
  • Stay organised by accepting, settling, and tracking payments all in one place – no more juggling multiple apps and logins

Choose how you accept payments

Integrate our plugins to start accepting payments in minutes

Install one of our plugins in just a few clicks - no development experience required. Check out our guides:

Design a checkout experience that suits your business with our Merchant API

Need a custom-made way to accept payments on your website? Build your own checkout experience using our customisable widget and Merchant API. Our technical documentation will help your developers to create a payment flow that will truly suit your business’ needs

Request payments easily, in person or remotely

Take payments in seconds with payment links sent by email or text message, or in person easily with QR codes. All you need to do is create a payment request in your Revolut Business app, no additional hardware or software needed

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