Business account at your fingertips

Get the most out of Revolut Business anytime, anywhere. Manage accounts, payments, cards, exchanges and transfers directly from your phone

Oversee account balances and transactions

  • Be aware of your total balance at any time, keep your business under control
  • Get an overview of all your current active accounts and their corresponding balances
  • Review in detail all transactions made by yourself or your team members

Send and exchange money without hidden fees

  • Easily exchange money in up to 28 currencies at the interbank exchange rate, all from the palm of your hand
  • Send money in just a few taps locally and internationally without hidden fees and rubbish exchange rates
  • Cut unnecessary costs and save money for growth

With you on the go, wherever you go

Manage your expenses and accounts all from the palm of your hand. Available on iOS and Android.

Make corporate expenses painless for everybody

  • Allow cardholders to browse their card transaction history and stay on top of their balance and card limits
  • Easily associate required information including receipts, transaction categories and descriptions with any card transaction
  • Accountants can quickly review all expenses in the web application, in addition to requesting refunds and exporting data to files or Xero
coming soon

Manage your team’s cards whenever you need

  • Quickly issue cards for any team member and adjust their settings such as currencies and limits
  • Disable settings like cash withdrawals, contactless, online or swipe payments to ensure card security
  • Manage your team members' card status: terminate, freeze and unfreeze cards if necessary
coming soon

Manage your accounts

  • Easily add new accounts in up to 28 currencies supported by Revolut Business
  • Activate/Deactivate your accounts at any time to stay in control on the go
  • Download or share your account and transactions statements directly from your phone

Other mobile app features coming soon

Access to support chat

Contact our support team at any time for help with your account when you’re on the go

Virtual cards management

Easily issue virtual cards to any team member and manage their settings

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