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Revolut Connect allows you to connect and integrate in just a click with popular business software that you already use to simplify and streamline your workflow.
Integrate with Xero
Save time and work smarter by feeding your Revolut account data directly into Xero.
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Customers love our API & Integrations

"The seamless integration with Xero allows us to collaborate efficiently with clients, so that they can receive valuable insights that can drive business growth."
Joe David, Head of Growth
"Having my payments sync straight into FreeAgent speeds everything up; I don't even have to worry about any mistakes, Revolut gets it right all the time."
Byron Williams, CTO
"The integration of Revolut and FreeAgent has saved us a significant amount of time. Manually consolidating banking transactions is now a thing of the past."
Mark Fergusson, Consultant

Streamline your business processes with our Business API

Our Business API allows you to seamlessly integrate your Revolut Business account into your workflow. Build custom integrations with your software to meet specific needs.


Add and manage Revolut counterparties


Instantly access data from your accounts


Make, schedule and cancel payments


View all transactions and generate custom reports


Receive instant updates on account transactions


Safely request access to users data with OAuth

Open API cases

Delivery company
Our Open API enables companies to make instant automatic, trigger-based payments. For example, the successful delivery of a food order can trigger an automatic payout to drivers.

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