Personal Fees (Money Transfer Services)

If you’re accessing the services from Singapore, view fees here. Otherwise, we have set out the fees you will need to pay for making payments using the Money Transfer Services and the payments you can send for free. If a fee applies, we'll let you know in the Revolut App before you make the payment.

For a new sign-up, your first transfer from your Revolut account will always be free in the first 28 days; thereafter, the following fees will apply:

Instant Transfers (sending money to and receiving money from other Revolut users, globally):

For sending money to other Revolut users: a 1.99% fee applies

For receiving money from other Revolut users: no fees apply

Bank Transfers (sending money to a bank account):

2.49% of the transfer value + USD$0.60, subject to a minimum fee of USD$1.30.

Card Transfers (sending money to a card account):

2.49% of the transfer value + USD$0.60.

We will not charge an exchange fee for currency conversions made using the Money Transfer Services.

Some countries may be exempted from the fees till further notice. All fees will be displayed to customers in-app when the transaction is initiated. If you reside in a country that is exempted from the fees, you will not see a fee displayed on your transaction page.