Earn cash rewards with Revolut Perks beta

The easiest way to get rewarded - just do your everyday spending with your Revolut card to win some unbeatable perks. Perks is only available for selected users during the beta.

Exclusive perks for the things you love

We’ve put together some tailored perks, so you can win instant cashback when you pay for a pizza or grab your daily caffeine fix!

5% off


10% off


35% off


50% off


45% off


25% off


20% off

Pay for free with your Revolut card

Whether you’re at home or abroad, just pay with your Revolut card for fee-free spending. From booking an Uber to buying lunch, each payment you make will get you closer to your next perk.

So how does it actually work?

Every time you hit your 10th purchase, you’ll win a cashback perk! So the more you spend the more perks you’ll get. Just use the nifty ‘Perk-O-Meter’ to see how close you are to the next prize.

Never miss a perk

Once the ‘Perk-O-Meter’ is fully-charged, we’ll send you a push, so you’ll never miss out! Check out our terms and conditions for Revolut Perks here!

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