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I suspect that my card is blocked

If you're having issues with your card payments, check if your card is active in your app. To do it:

  • Go to the Cards section
  • Tap on the card you're having trouble with
  • If you can see the option to unfreeze the card above the transactions' list, it means that the card was blocked. You can easily activate it in the same section of the app by tapping on 'Unfreeze'.

Why was my card blocked?

Sometimes, your card might be blocked because our automated security system has detected a transaction that could be fraudulent.

If this happens, you should get a notification with the request to review the payment which caused your card to be blocked and activate or terminate the card, depending on if you recognise the payment or not. If your card is blocked by our security system, you can activate it in the 'Cards' section.

Check more info on our security system in Payment declined by security system FAQ.

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