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How to submit content for approval

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    Submit content via our form

    Tap the 'Submission form' button below. This will take you to our online form where you can attach your content for the Revolut team to review

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    Wait for approval

    If your content is approved against our legal and content do's and don'ts, you'll receive an email confirmation. If your content doesn't quite meet our legal guidelines, you'll receive an email letting you know how to fix the content

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    Get it live!

    Time to post your content. Remember, you can't post any content about Revolut that hasn't been approved by our team

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Spark ads and co-posting

Social media platforms are changing all the time, but we're here to make them easier to understand for our creators. Please find instructions below on how to allow us to advertise with your Revolut content

Using licensed music

For Revolut to be able to use your TikToks as Spark Ads or co-post reels on Instagram, you'll need to use licensed sounds & music. It's not as complicated as it sounds: Meta and TikTok have music and sound libraries to help make it easy

Please read carefully

Content dos and don'ts


• Include ‘T&Cs apply’ after each promotion of a Revolut feature or product • Remove watermarks from your content • Authorise your TikToks for Spark Ads • Set up your Instagram posts for co-posting • Post TikToks using non-copyrighted music and sound (otherwise, we won’t be able to Spark your content) • Include #ad, #Revolut and #RevolutCreatorClub in content captions • Include all relevant disclaimers (outlined below) • Show your physical Revolut card in content (do not show your card number) • Show Apple or Google Pay with your Revolut card in content where possible • Accept any advertising requests from Revolut in Instagram or Facebook so we can boost your content


• Call Revolut a “UK bank” or “bank” - we’re a financial super app • Mention Revolut Crypto or Commodities Products • Mention Revolut Stock Trading Products • Mention Insurance products • Post content without receiving explicit approval from Revolut. If posted without approval, you will be notified and you have 6 hours to remove the content. If content is not removed, you may be liable as this is against the agreed T&Cs in your application • Include content (images, video clips, music) that is not your own or may be subject to copyright • Film or photograph in private property without permission • Use anyone’s personal information or data in content • Feature any individual under the age of 12 unless it is your own child • Depict or discuss smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling, taking drugs, weapons, medicine • Use vulgarities, obscenities, or reference unlawful or immoral activity, politics, religion or other potentially upsetting topics • Post content which is likely to cause serious or widespread offence (such as nudity, sexual references etc.), taking into account the likely audience for the communication • Say, show or do anything which denigrates, defames or would make reasonable people think the worse of any other living individual • Imply that a person shown or referred to has endorsed or has some commercial connection with Revolut or Visa. Make clear your connection to Revolut (using the disclosures referred to below) • Make any claims about Revolut or Visa’s superiority or performance compared to other payment service brands, mislead or make false claims about Revolut, VISA, or otherwise denigrate or discredit any other brands, including other payment services. • Mention or feature products or other third-party payment (American Express, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club or Discover) • Live stream or post any live video footage of protected events such as sporting events • Share photos of any credentials, tickets, card information (including full or partial credit card numbers or personal information / data) • Tell people how to use their money


• Currency exchange: Currency exchange in our 30+ supported currencies with no fees Monday-Friday within plan allowance • ATM withdrawals: Within plan allowance, on a rolling monthly basis. T&Cs apply • Metal cashback: Cashback on purchases is available for Metal users only, at 0.1% within Europe and 1% outside Europe. T&Cs apply • Vaults: annual interest paid daily (if talking about interest-bearing savings vaults) • Paid plans: Plus/Premium/Metal plan fees apply. T&Cs apply • Stays: • Standard and Plus plans: up to 3% cashback • Premium plan: up to 5% cashback • Metal plan: up to 10% cashback • Rewards: subject to availability • International Transfers: 20% discounted fees for Premium, 40% discounted fees for Metal. T&Cs apply

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