Rev-celerator Programme

We’re no ordinary fintech. We’re a powerful rocketship and our Revoluters are the crew that help us conquer the fintech universe. If you want to join this fast-paced mission, now’s your chance. Rev-celerator is an internship and graduate programme for high achievers to join us and get a glimpse of the fintech universe. 🚀

Ready for a ride?

Warm-up: A three month paid internship (London, summer 2023)

If you’re in your penultimate year of study, this one’s for you. You’ll work with us for three months and get to know everything we do. First, kick off with a few weeks of bootcamp, where we’ll prepare you to jump into work at Revolut with workshops, lectures, and practical exercises to start working on your skills. After a successful preparation, we’ll launch you into on-the-job training. In this stage, you’ll be face-to-face with tough challenges, problem-solving and tasks to own. Learn how to be successful and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of a competitive world. After the Rev-celerator internship, the most successful students will be offered a place in our brand-new graduate programme, that’ll take your career to the next frontier 🚀

Main round: one-year-graduate programme (London, June 2024 - June 2025)

A year at Revolut is like five years at any other company (yes, we’re that fast-paced). We're planning an exciting year-long programme for our graduates – you can work with different teams to make sure you get the most out of it! If you love a good challenge, this is the place to be. You’ll learn a lot about fintech, but you’ll also learn about ownership, responsibility and many other soft skills. The bar is very high - Revolut is for those who always strive for excellence and who would never settle for less. And we know how to award those people - our best performing graduates can be promoted, even during the programme. Are you as excited as we are? 🚀

RevUp Your Career

  1. Engineering

    Our engineers are a part of the Technology team. And this awesome bunch aren’t just one of the best teams in the industry, they’re one of the best in the world. And we’re proud of it. It’s our driving force; our engine 🚀 Our Engineering team isn't to fix legacy systems – it’s here to build world-class financial products from the ground up. Products that will be used by millions of people around the world (25M+ people, not that we’re counting) 🌎 Recruitment Process 1. Aptitude Tests 2. Recruitment call 3. Live Coding 4. Technical Interview 5. Cultural fit interview

  2. Product Design

    We approach design at Revolut the same way that we approach everything else. We love building great products. We love delighting our customers. We love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution that truly solves customer needs 🪄 Our product designers know how to manage their own work flow and contact with stakeholders. They’re part of the Revolut Brand Studio, which keeps an eye on marketing projects across our products and channels. Recruitment Process 1. Aptitude Tests 2. Recruitment call 3. Design Skills interview 4. Design Live Challenge 5. Cultural fit Interview

  3. PR & Commns

    Communication is an inseparable part of everything we do at Revolut. There would be no successful product, service, employee, team, process – and the list can go on – if there was no efficient communication around it 🔊 Like a cherry on top of a delicious dessert, our Communications team is the key to our fun and bold tone of voice. They know what people want to hear, and can make even the most complex areas sound simple and easy 🤩 Recruitment Process 1. Aptitude Tests 2. Recruitment call 3. Comms Home Task 4. Comms Skills Interview 5. Cultural fit Interview

Where the real work begins


We never compromise on talent. We select, coach, and retain the top talent only and give them all the support to achieve greatness. And that’s what bootcamp will be all about. We’ll guide you through this journey with a tailor-made programme to help you understand all things Revolut: what we do and how we do it. Your first weeks will be filled with new info and new people. From technical to soft-skills learning modules, we’ve designed the perfect programme to give you a rounded learning experience and set you up for success in your role. To move forward make sure you take the most out of the learning paths as the ok-ish quality will not be an option. We always strive for excellence

On-the-job training

After the bootcamp, you’ll be assigned to a real project, with real tasks. That’s where your journey really begins. We’re always in start-up mode, always building. We re-define expectations, we disrupt industries, we reinvent - there are no limits, that's who we are. We'll give you all the resources you need, but it will be your job to always push through and sweep us off our feet

Coaching Program

Our managers are the best coaches, putting the right champions in the right positions to win. We help those who we know are excellent to succeed and support each other to the finish line. Our leaders will be there to share advice, guidance, and support your career development. They’re just here to give you a little hand, in case you need it.

Buddy Support

You’ll be assigned a buddy who’ll support you on every step of the way. They’re your go-to person, the Robin to your Batman, and they’ll share the best tips on how to get it done.

Networking at Revolut

Meet, engage and learn from other amazing Revoluters and interns. These experiences can range from team-building activities to deep-dive workshops, or getting involved with one of our guilds.

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