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Revolut for Business

One account for global business

Cutting edge multi-currency current accounts

Hold, receive and exchange 25 currencies without any ridiculous bank charges.
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Instant transfers

Send and receive free, instant transfers from other businesses using Revolut.

International payments

Transfer 25 currencies globally at interbank rates and pay suppliers in their local currency.

Corporate cards

Cut the travel expenses. Spend abroad without any fees and always get the best possible exchange rate.

Exclusive business card designs

Exclusive business card designs

Choose from our exclusive business card designs.

Get the real exchange rate

Banks add a bunch of fees and markup the exchange rate when you spend or transfer money abroad. We don’t.

Current rate


Interbank FX rates

Forget about hidden FX fees. Exchange, receive and transfer money at the best available exchange rate.

Instant settlements

Send and receive payments with instant crediting in 23 currencies, worldwide.

Cross-border payments

Fast and cost effective transfers in 25 currencies. Pay up to 10x less compared to using a bank.

Multicurrency cards

Cut the business travel expenses. Avoid ridiculous FX mark-ups and overseas transaction fees.

Expense reports

1-click integration with accounting software such as Xero, Sage and QuickBooks is coming soon!

Business Open API

We’re building an API so companies can integrate their software with our business platform.

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