Roles & Permissions

Stay in control when you delegate access and actions to your team members by setting up permissions and roles in your account

Grant access to multiple team members

  • Grant administrative access to your account and allow it to be managed by more than one person if necessary
  • Set up limited account access for team members according to their role in your business

Tailor user roles and permissions for your business needs

  • Create custom roles for different types of team members
  • Grant permissions for each role based on what they need to see and do
  • Allow to manage users, accounts, payments and cards settings, as well as other points of control
  • E.g. you can control the level of the access to each: no access, read-only, and edit rights

"With Revolut Business, we set up permissions so our accounts team could easily manage spending, have control over payments and ensure our finance is properly controlled at all times."

Gavin Clark, Owner

Avoid mistakes with payment approval

  • Set up payment rules and let your team review and approve payments before they’re sent
  • Set up complex payment conditions and nominate multiple reviewers accordingly
  • For example, set up a rule so every payment larger than 500EUR needs to be approved by two team members with Accountant roles

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