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Make card and contactless payments as easy as cash

Fast, affordable, in-person payments for businesses serious about growth

Save with low fees and transparent pricing

Keep more of what you earn, keep control of your finances. Our clear, simple, pay-per-transaction pricing is amongst the most competitive on the market and tells you everything upfront.

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Access funds the next day

Why wait for money that could be working hard for your business? With Revolut Reader, funds are available in your Revolut Business account within 24 hours.

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Accept payments, fast

Credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. However your customers pay, it takes less than five seconds to process a payment with Revolut Reader. Less wait time for your customers, more sales for you.

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Sharpen your sales process with a catalogue

Create a catalogue of all your products to ring through customer carts more efficiently and take faster payments with the Revolut Reader. Your catalogue sits in the Revolut Business app and doesn’t cost extra to use.

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Get started with Revolut Reader in a few simple steps

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    Sign up for an account

    Sign up for a Revolut Business account

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    Order your Revolut Reader

    Once verified, enter the ‘Settings’ page from your dashboard and hit ‘Revolut Readers’ and then ‘Order a card reader'

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    Start selling, fast

    As soon as your device arrives, connect it to your phone or tablet in a couple of easy steps. Now you’re ready to start selling!

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How Revolut Reader helps you grow

Hundreds of businesses already use Revolut Reader to help them grow. It’s time for you to join them.

Maciej Marian Szukala, LEGALBASE CRW LIMITEDVery helpful. Easy to use and set up as well as sending payments confirmations
Frank Seeger, FreelancerIt worked flawlessly. The funds arrived the next working day, which is great.


  • All payments processed through the card reader will settle into your Merchant pocket within 24 hours
  • Revolut Reader supports Chip and PIN and contactless Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro payments, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Currently, we only integrate with Nobly POS; we have more integrations coming soon. Find out more aboutNobly POS
  • You need to create a profile for them in your Revolut Business account and set them up with the right permissions: 1. Log in to Revolut Business and navigate to the 'Team' tab. Select ‘Invite’ and enter the email address of the person you want to invite. You can invite multiple people at the same time. 2. Create your team member's profile and configure their permissions to enable access to the merchant tab, and creating payment requests. For more on configuring team member permissions, please see the instructionshere
  • You can send receipts in two ways: 1. Select ‘Send receipt' from the payment confirmation screen within the app. This should happen as soon as the transaction is completed. 2. Locate the relevant payment from the transaction list, click into it, and select 'Send Receipt’ Receipts can be shared through most communication apps installed on your phone (WhatsApp, Email, SMS, etc.) You can send a receipt multiple times and you can send them for transactions and/or refunds.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you return the device to us for any reason within 30 days of the purchase date, we'll refund its cost to your Revolut Business account. The Revolut Reader also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you find any faults in the device within this period, we'll replace it free of charge. For help with a warranty or to request a return, please get in touch with out Support team. For more information, read the Revolut Readerterms and conditions

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