On-Demand Pay

Empower employee financial wellbeing

Allow employees to track and withdraw a portion of their accrued earnings, anytime, instantly

Let employees access their earnings anytime, instantly

For a small fixed fee, your employees can withdraw a portion of their accrued earnings whenever they need

Give real-time visibility of accrued base pay

Employees can track how much they’ve earned after each shift, week, or whenever they want, so they’ll get full visibility of their money

Help them with unplanned expenses, debt-free

Cultivate employee financial wellbeing by allowing them to withdraw a portion of their money, with smart limits of up to 50% to protect them

Cultivate a happier, more productive workforce

72% of candidates want on-demand access to earned pay*. Entice talent and increase satisfaction with a product that puts their wellbeing first *Kronos Newsroom 2019

Keep employees on board longer and reduce turnover

Offer On-Demand Pay and you can see 40% less employee turnover and a 30%* rise in productivity, which ultimately helps your company's financials. It's win-win! *PWC 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey. SHRM (August 3, 2016)

Get started with On-Demand Pay at no cost