Your company is offering On-Demand Pay

Enjoy flexible paydays

With On-Demand Pay, you can unlock a portion of your earned salary, whenever you need it

Access your earnings anytime, instantly

Withdraw up to 50% of what you’ve already earned, whenever you need it. For just £1.50 or less, it’ll be in your account right away

Track earned wages for full visibility

See how much you’ve earned throughout the month or after every shift in real-time, and keep track of the money you can withdraw

Tackle unplanned expenses debt-free

Car broken down? Faulty fridge? No need to rely on credit cards or payday lenders. Get access to money you’ve already earned

Getting On-Demand Pay couldn't be easier

  1. 1
    Sign up to Revolut

    Enter your number below and download the Revolut app on your phone

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    Open the app

    Make sure your app is up-to-date, tap ‘Salary’ (it may take a while for it to appear if you've just downloaded the app) and ‘Hub’

  3. 3
    Find your company

    Tap 'Start' to search for your employer. Enter your work email, or your number for your unique six-digit verification code

  4. 4
    Switch your salary

    Tap ‘Verify’ and 'Switch my salary' to get paid to your Revolut account. You may need to get in touch with your employer for this

  5. 5
    Make your first withdrawal

    As soon as On-Demand Pay is up and running, you'll start seeing your earnings in real time. Enjoy!

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