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Transferring money into my account

You can easily add money to your Revolut Business account using a regular bank transfer. At the moment, we don’t take card top-ups or cash deposits.

To make a transfer from another Revolut account or an external bank account, use your account details:

  • Go to the homepage
  • Click on your account balance
  • Select your currency account based on the currency in which you expect the transfer
  • Click on the three dots
  • Choose ‘Details’

This article helps you find your currency account details and shows you how to create a new one.

To receive payments, just share your account details or account confirmation statement (it includes all details about your currency accounts) with your clients or customers.

How to make a transfer locally and internationally:

  • Use your local account details for transfers made within the same country and in that country’s main currency . This includes SEPA transfers – for these, use the account details found in your EUR currency account.
  • Use your international account details for transfers to all other countries and currencies. This includes SWIFT transfers – for these, use your BIC/SWIFT code seen in your currency account details.

Please know that international and local details can’t be combined, so you shouldn’t extract the account number, sort code or SWIFT code out of your IBAN number. Only use your local details for local transfers in the corresponding currency – and your international details for international transfers. Otherwise, your payments might not go through.

Useful info:

For any other questions, just reach out to our lovely support team any time.

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