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Is my data secure with Integromat?

Integromat is committed to doing their very best to protect your data and keep it confidential. They employ advanced security practices to keep your data safe and secure. In short:

  • The connection between Integromat and your browser is always encrypted (HTTPS).
  • Every connection between Integromat and a third-party service is established in the most secure way that is supported by the given service. In some cases (e.g., FTP, databases, etc.), you have the option to set the security level manually.
  • Your data is stored in a secure web hosting center in the Czech Republic (EU member state since 2004) certified to internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards that define the requirements for the quality management system and the information security management system.

On top of that you always have the option of not having your data logged on the platform, with the tickbox “Data is confidential” in the advanced settings in the scenario builder. For full details, please see Integromat’s privacy policy.

Integromat will receive data on the statuses of draft payments created through the Revolut Business integration. They will not receive data on any payments that they did not initially create as drafts.

Integromat will share draft payment details to Revolut as part of the integration:

  • Payment recipient name, address and bank account details
  • Payment amount, currency and reference

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