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How does the Integromat integration work?

The integration can be installed from the Integromat environment by clicking “Connect my Revolut Business account”. You will then be redirected to Revolut Business to authorise Integromat to create Draft Payments on your behalf before being re-directed to confirm the connection was successful.

For guidance on using the Revolut Business integration within Integromat, please see guide

  • You must log in to Revolut Business' web environment to authorise Draft Payments. You're not able to authorise payments directly from the Integromat environment or Revolut Business mobile app.
  • Only users with relevant payment authorisation permissions can execute payments created by Integromat. The same payment rules apply as for normal payments.
  • You can upload a maximum of 50 transfers in one draft payment from Integromat.
  • There are no limits for the maximum amount you can include for a single payment.
  • Draft Payments can only be created in a single currency, you cannot mix payments of different currencies.

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