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How will I benefit from the Clear Books partnership?

Paying bills and payroll is often a clunky process, with payment details often being copy/pasted or downloaded and re-uploaded through CSVs between the accounting software and business account. This is both time consuming and leaving room for error.

This partnership with Clear Books helps to significantly improve this process and benefits you in the following ways:

  • Smoother payment processes. With less need to switch between your accounting software and your bank account, the time needed to manage your bills and payroll will be significantly reduced.
  • Improved visibility. You can see the status of draft payments processed within Revolut Business in your Clear Books account
  • Less error-prone. With data syncing directly from Clear Books to Revolut Business, there is less room for mistakes in payments.
  • Strong security. With only authorised users able to execute payments and necessary data shared with the integration, you can feel secure that your payments are protected.

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