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What is the Expenses tool for?

Revolut Expenses allows you to capture, categorise, and reconcile all your business expenses in one place. Some of our innovative product features include:

For team members:

  • Snap and upload receipts with the Revolut Business app
  • Get automated reminders for expenses that require your attention via in-app, push and email notifications
  • Record out-of-pocket expenses
  • Automatically import online receipts through a unique email address

For administrators (a person with permissions to review expenses and manage the expense settings):

  • Review and approve expenses
  • Track all outbound transactions from your business account, including direct debits and bank transfers
  • Download transaction data, expense information and receipts
  • Sync directly with accounting software where you give us permission to do so or manually export a CSV file with expense data
  • Customise expense categories and tax rates

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