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What does request refund mean?

You might want to reject an expense as out-of-policy, for instance if the team member spent using the business card for a private expense.

To request for a refund, simply click on the red button of the expense in the list of "To review" expenses.In this case, we will ask you to provide a reason for the rejection, then the team member will be notified by email and in the Revolut Business mobile app.

We will also send them the details of the account where to send the refund.

In the admin web interface, the expense will move from the "To review" tab to the "Refunds" tab, so you can keep track of its status. Whenever we find an incoming payment for a matching amount and compatible date, we will show the refund as "Possible refund found".

At any time, you can mark the expense as "Refunded" or delete the refund request. If you mark the expense as "Refunded", it will move to the "Approved" tab.

If you cancel the refund request, the team member will be notified by email that the request for refund was cancelled, and it will move to the "To review" tab for further handling.

If you have connected Xero, we will export the expense as well as a bill for the refund, so you can correctly account for it.

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