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What industries are not supported?

Our business accounts aren’t currently available for the following types of business (this applies to both corporate and freelancer accounts):

  • Armaments, nuclear weapons, weapons or defence manufacturers;
  • Adult entertainment or the sale or advertising of sexual services;
  • Art dealers and auction houses;
  • Industrial, chemical or legal high companies;
  • Cannabinoids related businesses;
  • Charities;
  • Client money processing firms;
  • Crowdfunding platforms;
  • Cryptocurrency firms;
  • Dating escort services;
  • Funds, such as venture capital funds;
  • Gambling firms;
  • Nonprofit, political and religious organisations;
  • Pawnbrokers;
  • Pension schemes;
  • Precious metals and stone dealers, excluding jewellers;
  • Sale of used cars/heavy industry vehicles;
  • Special Purpose Vehicle/Entity (SPV/ SPE);
  • Quasi-cash merchants;

  • Unregulated Foreign Exchange businesses;
  • Unregulated lending businesses;
  • Unregulated Money Service Businesses (MSB);
  • Unregulated remittance businesses.

You cannot hold, exchange, transfer or manage client funds in a Revolut for business account. Client funds essentially means any money that belongs to your customers. For example, an investment firm’s “Client funds” is their customers’ money which they invest on their behalf. You would not be able to hold or manage client money in a Revolut for business account.

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