Budgeting made easy

Set a monthly budget on things like restaurants and groceries and take back control of your finances. Set up a budget in seconds and we’ll track your progress in real-time, ensuring you stick to your spending targets.

Set a monthly budget

Sticking to a budget can feel like hard work, which is why we’ve done everything to make it easier. Just tell us how much you want to spend each month and we’ll work out a daily spending limit you should stick to, to meet your goals.

Track your progress in real-time

Pay with your Revolut card and we’ll update your account balance immediately, so you’ll know exactly how much money you have left to spend. With instant payment notifications, telling you what you’ve spent and where, managing your money will be a breeze.

Your spending at a glance

Burning through your salary without a clue where it went? We’ve all been there. With our handy Analytics tab, we categorise your payments into areas like shopping and groceries, updating how much you spend in each area, down to the percent.

Start saving with Vaults

We know saving can be just as hard as budgeting - but we’ve got all the tools to make it effortless. Open a Vault and when your salary hits, you can put aside a regular amount, so that holiday, new car, laptop... will be yours that much quicker!

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