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Banks are powerful. They owe us nothing. They watch us. They punish us for our mistakes. They have more money, more people, more connections. We are underdogs. We keep learning. We innovate. Everyday is a new fight. Technology is our weapon. We identify opportunities. We focus. We execute. We can create a better way to manage your money.We love the game.

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How we are structured

Small teams, one vision, plenty of communication, and zero bullshit. Here's how we're strcutured at Revolut.

Small, focused teams

Led by Product Owners reporting directly to the CEO, we break down complex challenges with nimble, logical solutions.

All in this together

Senior management work directly with teams, eliminating friction and providing high-level insight.

Diverse by default

We bring together the best people for the job, teaming designers and engineers, with data analysts and lawyers.

Internally mobile

Switching teams is encouraged, and we actively promote based on performance, not preference.

Flexibility and autonomy

Teams operate like mini startups, with plenty of flexibility and autonomy (even though we strive for a common goal).

Made up of A-players

We make a point of trying to hire people better than ourselves.

Our culture

We are like special forces. We operate in small teams. We identify opportunities. We plan. We execute. We deliver. Fast. Precise. Inevitable. No corporate bullshit. No politics. No red tape. We get things done. We are on a mission. We change the world.

Never Settle

Build things. Achieve great results. Learn from failures. Grow fast. Be proud. Never stop.

Stronger Together

Believe in power of people. Cross-check your opinions. Create something big together.

Bring the A-Game

Understand reality. Use logic. Dig to root cause. Design solution. Execute. Repeat.

Created with Sketch.Financial technology firms like Revolut are chipping away at traditional banks by offering users slick apps, slashed fees and an instant overview of their financesCreated with Sketch.

Created with Sketch.As long as it’s a financial or insurance product, Revolut wants to have it. And with so much more money in the bank account, the startup is definitely not going to stop just yetCreated with Sketch.

Created with Sketch.Revolut is beating the banks and bureaux de change at their own gameCreated with Sketch.

Created with Sketch.One of the UK's leading challenger banks, Revolut started out with a product that enables users to hold cash in multiple currencies but has since expanded its services and is widely tipped as a leading FinTech to watchCreated with Sketch.